Christian “Prophet”: I Know Three People Who Died of COVID Who Were Resurrected July 8, 2021

Christian “Prophet”: I Know Three People Who Died of COVID Who Were Resurrected

Evangelist and “prophetic revivalist” Dutch Sheets, who wrongly claimed in 2018 that he was the reason there were two vacancies on the Supreme Court more than a decade ago and wrongly claimed in December that “It is God’s will for Trump to win this, not Biden,” is back to claiming things wrongly.

On Tuesday, during an episode of his show Flashpoint, Sheets said he knew of three (3!) people who had died from COVID… who were then resurrected with God’s help.

… and it’s God’s timing and… He’s now bringing this anointing, and signs and wonders are gonna start following this quickly. I know of at least — I know of three situations personally of people that were raised from the dead by a doctor during COVID… went into the room after the person died with COVID. One of those people, the death certificate had already been signed. And this person was raised from the dead. Now they can’t talk about this because they could get in trouble — believe it or not — for doing this and for, you know, talking about it. But I’m just saying, this is beginning to happen, and we’re just getting started.

It’s a medical miracle!… that, for reasons unknown, we’re not allowed to know anything about. Even though someone had no problem spilling the beans to Dutch Sheets.

It’s entirely possible (though improbable) that a death certificate was signed prematurely. But more likely than not, those sick people, if they exist at all, were never dead. Very sick, sure, but not dead. Hell, the other two people didn’t even have death certificates according to Sheets’ telling of the story.

It’s astounding how the same people who want us to believe in supernatural miracles — and who claim to have first-hand proof of those very events — always find an excuse not to offer those details to the public. How many Christian viewers realize they’re being conned by a professional liar?

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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