Christian Preacher: “It Is God’s Will for Trump to Win This, Not Biden” December 3, 2020

Christian Preacher: “It Is God’s Will for Trump to Win This, Not Biden”

It all kinds of amusing how conservative Christians believe God is All-Powerful, yet He managed to screw up the 2020 elections by not rigging the system enough to allow Donald Trump to declare victory. But those Christians aren’t done making their case.

Consider “prophetic revivalist” Dutch Sheets, who claimed in 2018 that he was the reason there were two vacancies on the Supreme Court more than a decade ago.

He’s been holding live prayer sessions on YouTube in order to overturn the election results — good luck with that — and said this week that God doesn’t want Joe Biden to be president, therefore… the will of the voters doesn’t matter. Or something like that.

“It is God’s will for Trump to win this, not Biden,” Sheets said. “Why would God want a person to be president of the United States that believes in killing the babies up until birth?”

“There’s no way that God, with his justice and heart, could want somebody to be president who’s going to do that,” he continued…

“It’s ludicrous to say God wants a person with that belief to be president,” Sheets added. “It’s ludicrous to say God wants a party in control that boos him, that wants him to have nothing to do with their platform, they don’t want to name him in their platform, they won’t say his name in the Pledge of Allegiance. I don’t even have to pray about it to know that God would not want that. It’s ludicrous to say God would want a man to be president who believes 8-year-old kids should be able to start the process, through drugs and procedures, to change their gender. Eight years old! God does not want that to be implemented in our nation. He just doesn’t.”

There you go: The Christian God hates all Democrats and supports all Republicans, even the pussy-grabbing, child-separating, racist, ignorant ones. There’s no need to remind these people that most elected Democrats are religious and just support church/state separation instead of Christian Nationalism, because men like Sheets fantasize about a theocracy.

They care more about the Republican Party than the Bible. And they know their followers are too stupid to know the difference.

By the way, during Sheets’ prayer service on Wednesday, one of his guests led a prayer that I’m still trying to interpret. I’m gonna need someone to explain Christianity to me:

(via Right Wing Watch)

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