Christian Evangelist: My Prayers Created Two Supreme Court Vacancies in 2005 August 31, 2018

Christian Evangelist: My Prayers Created Two Supreme Court Vacancies in 2005

Christian “prophetic revivalist” Dutch Sheets, last seen explaining how he personally saved a girl whose brain had been destroyed by viral encephalitis, recently told a crowd at a religious conference that he’s the reason there were two vacancies on the Supreme Court a decade ago.

As he explains it, he was given the assignment of issuing “decrees” at the Court, so in 2005, that’s precisely what he did.

Sheets claimed that in 2005, a friend of his received a “word from the Lord” that Sheets was to stand outside the Supreme Court and issue a five-point decree, so Sheets dutifully traveled to Washington, D.C., to carry out his “assignment.”

“I made all five decrees four times on each side of the Court, both sides, front and back,” Sheets said. “The last of the five decrees was, ‘The siege against the Court is about to become a suddenly.’ The siege is about to become a suddenly. Let me just say this, if there is no siege, there is no suddenly. Within two weeks of that, [Sandra Day] O’Connor resigned, to everyone’s surprise… And before that seat could even be filled, [William] Rehnquist died and all of a ‘sudden,’ we had two seats empty. A siege became a suddenly.”

No one can possibly refute that air-tight logic…

If you’re going to make up a story like that — or convince yourself it’s true — you should at least say you helped remove two liberals from the Court instead of a conservative and a centrist. That would be far more proof of Republican God’s power.

I guess that also means all those liberal chants and rain-dances did in Antonin Scalia. Same logic, right?

(via Right Wing Watch)

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