Evangelist Robin Bullock: Joe Biden’s Whisper is the “Voice of a Demonic Spirit” July 3, 2021

Evangelist Robin Bullock: Joe Biden’s Whisper is the “Voice of a Demonic Spirit”

Self-described “prophet” Robin Bullock has been on a Satan tear recently, claiming that President Joe Biden has a “slotted serpent eye” (which is apparently a sign of demonic possession) and that there was a sign of the devil on stage at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

His latest attempt to link Democrats and Satan? Joe Biden’s… whisper.

He played a clip from one of Biden’s campaign rallies last year during which he half-jokingly whispered in a low voice, “I’m coming for ya!” Then he played a different clip of Biden doing the same ASMR-like whisper when asked why he hadn’t undone certain sanctions put into place by Donald Trump; he leaned into the microphone and responded to reporters, “120 days. Give me a break. I need time.” Then Bullock played a more recent clip of Biden responding to a question about when his infrastructure bill would move forward by saying, in the same close-up-microphone way, “I got [the American people] $1.9 trillion in relief so far.”

Bullock says those playful whispers — a normal Biden tic for anyone who watches him speak regularly — are actually demonic.

… Anyone in deliverance ministry… [anyone] who deals with demonic spirits or evil spirits will know that sound. Anyone who’s ever been in deliverance should know that sound. They know exactly what they’re hearing. While the press says it’s whispers, anyone that’s ever been in deliverance ministry knows what that is. It’s the voice of a demonic spirit.

No. It’s a whisper. It’s a rhetorical flourish. It’s not complicated. Repeating the idea that people in ministry will “know that sound” doesn’t make the claim any more valid.

Bullock could easily criticize Biden for his policies. Progressives do it all the time! But going after the way he talks, when he’s trying to speak differently to make a point, suggests Bullock is running out of ways to drum up fear in a base that relies on it as motivation.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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