Evangelist: The 2008 Democratic Convention Stage Was Modeled on Satan’s Throne July 2, 2021

Evangelist: The 2008 Democratic Convention Stage Was Modeled on Satan’s Throne

Televangelist Robin Bullock, who said last week that President Joe Biden has a “slotted serpent eye” (which is apparently a sign of demonic possession), now says he saw another sign of Satan in an unexpected place: On stage at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

It wasn’t just Satanic; he said it was apparently modeled after Satan’s throne.

They built this throne and it was replica-ed after the Throne of Satan in Berlin — the Pergamon Throne… Look at the stars and stripes hanging there and Satan’s Throne is above the stars. Look at it…

So, Barack Obama, when he walked out on that stage, and said, “A righteous wind is at our back”… and the crowds go wild, he is standing on a replica of the Throne of Satan, or the Altar of Baal, or the Throne of Zeus. He’s standing there!

He’s referring to a display found in Berlin… but even in his pictures, the two things don’t look all that similar.

But the implication is the bigger concern. Essentially, Bullock says Barack Obama gave a speech before a raving crowd in… Satan’s arena. Ergo, he’s Satan himself. It’s irrelevant to Bullock that Donald Trump had innocent bystanders tear-gassed for a photo-op in front of a church, or separate refugee children from their families, or ignored the plight of suffering people in Puerto Rico, just to name a few of his horrible actions.

Bullock has no business criticizing the aesthetic of the 2008 Democratic National Convention without addressing the evil that runs rampant within his own party.

That said, wait until he finds out about the many buildings in D.C. that are modeled after Roman architecture and pay homage to their gods. He’s going to flip out.

By the way, Bullock also claimed that Jesus referred to “Barack Obama” as Satan in Luke 10:18.

I promise you Obama’s name appears nowhere in the Bible.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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