Rick Wiles, Who Spread COVID Lies for Months, May Be Suffering from COVID May 29, 2021

Rick Wiles, Who Spread COVID Lies for Months, May Be Suffering from COVID

For more than a year now, right-wing pundit and professional anti-Semite Rick Wiles has been spreading conspiracy theories about COVID.

He said Bill Gates was using the vaccine to impose the Mark of the Beast upon people and that Dr. Anthony Fauci should be tortured until he confesses that he helped create the virus. When a massive indoor Orthodox Jewish wedding took place in New York City, violating every imaginable health restriction, Wiles said he was going to pay the $15,000 fine on their behalf. He said the vaccines were part of a genocidal plot, but that was fine since “stupid people will be killed off.”

And when a lawyer who advocated for LGBTQ rights died of COVID, Wiles said it was proof of God’s judgment.

That’s why it’s incredibly interesting that Wiles’ ministry appears to be having some kind of panic attack over a COVID outbreak. They posted these messages on the social media platform Gab. (Notice the timestamps.)

Right Wing Watch also got ahold of an email which says Wiles himself is having health issues:

Many of you are aware that Trunews was hit suddenly by a cluster of flu and Covid among some employees and their relatives.

Rick is asking for urgent prayer! Especially for him and Susan.
Rick is very weak. However, his fever has ended and he has no respiratory issues. His fatigue is what is the main concern. Susan is experiencing the same symptoms.

Also, pray for our staff and their families.

Father, we agree in prayer for health and healing for Rick and Susan. The Bible says that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. We speak against the weapon of disease, and declare victory in Jesus name. Thank you Father, for showing your power and love for your children. We expect a great testimony out of this trial, in Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Rick Wiles

Maybe someone should’ve taken the vaccine…

It’s not quite an “I told you so” moment. Not yet. But Wiles, of all people, should remember what he said about COVID being used as a tool of God’s judgment. While in recovery, he may want to ask himself what he did to make God so angry. There’s no shortage of options.

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