Rick Wiles: I Paid the $15,000 COVID Fine for That Huge Orthodox Jewish Wedding November 25, 2020

Rick Wiles: I Paid the $15,000 COVID Fine for That Huge Orthodox Jewish Wedding

There was a massive Orthodox Jewish wedding earlier this month in New York City involving the grandson of a prominent rabbi. It made headlines when footage leaked over the weekend showing thousands upon thousands of maskless people packed into a synagogue, singing and pretending like the virus didn’t exist.

For holding that disturbing super-spreader event, the organizers were fined a pathetic $15,000 “for violating public health restrictions.”

Well, here’s a twist for you: Right-wing pundit and professional anti-Semite Rick Wiles says he paid that fine on their behalf.

Sure, Wiles has said the “Antichrist will be Jewish.” And that Jews control Donald Trump. And that a “Jew coup” was responsible for impeaching Trump. But apparently he hates imaginary attacks on religious freedom way more than he hates Jewish people.

In a livestream yesterday, Wiles said he would send the synagogue a check to cover their expenses:

… Mayor de Blasio is punishing the temple’s members by fining the congregation a whopping $15,000. Therefore, TruNews will pay the $15,000 fine for the Jewish temple in Brooklyn.

In my hands is a check for $15,000. It will go in the post office mailbox tonight after this TruNews Godcast is finished. We will stand with Christians, Jews, and Muslims who are being persecuted by the COVID cops for exercising their constitutional right to practice their religion without government interference. It is time we unite and push back against the COVID tyrants.

Just to state the obvious, the problem isn’t their religion; it’s that their selfishness and ignorance could ultimately harm the health of the general public if the virus spreads among that large group and they go out into the world. Pretending the virus doesn’t exist doesn’t mean it’s actually gone. Paying this fine isn’t an act of sacrifice. It’s a symbol that says Rick Wiles stands with people who actively want to hurt others, instead of the responsible people seeking to help the public.

We don’t know if the organization will accept his money. Hell, I don’t even trust Wiles enough to believe he sent a real check. But it’s clear that people who are responsible for spreading misinformation about the virus or acting like it’s not real are sticking together, no matter how high the COVID body count gets.

(Top screenshot via NYPost. Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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