Rick Wiles: LGBTQ Lawyer Who Died of COVID-19 is Proof of God’s Judgment March 25, 2020

Rick Wiles: LGBTQ Lawyer Who Died of COVID-19 is Proof of God’s Judgment

Right-wing pundit and professional anti-Semite Rick Wiles is not a fan of the LGBTQ community. (Who could have guessed?)

He’s now claiming that the coronavirus-related death of Richard E. Weber, a lawyer who served on the LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York, is evidence of God’s judgment.

I guess no one told him COVID-19 is actually deadly.

“He was a senior lawyer for the LGBT Bar Association of New York,” Wiles said. “The lawyers who sue churches, the lawyers who sue ministries … one of their senior lawyers for the gay rights movement died today in New York City of the coronavirus. There is a judgment, I’m telling you, a plague is underway. Get under the blood of Jesus Christ. Do not be in opposition to the Lord Jesus Christ and his church!”

People with toxic theology are always eager to promote it during the worst of circumstances, aren’t they?

But Wiles doesn’t care about decency, or how his words might affect Weber’s loved ones in their profound grief. His priority is spreading a gospel of hate.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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