“Prophet” Who Promised Trump Victory Says You’ll Get Leprosy If You Question Him May 23, 2021

“Prophet” Who Promised Trump Victory Says You’ll Get Leprosy If You Question Him

For a while now, Nebraska preacher and self-described “prophet” Hank Kunneman of One Voice Ministries has been on the defense over his failed predictions about Trump serving a second term. He recently said only other prophets were allowed to challenge him.

He’s still complaining about anyone criticizing him:

There’s a lot of people touching many of God’s true and choice servants right now. They better be careful, because God will not acknowledge certain things that He’s called them to or put within their office. It’s a dangerous place… and some of you might get leprosy.

First of all, unlike back in biblical times, leprosy isn’t even scary anymore. There are effective treatments for it. Which means Kunneman’s threat is about as meaningful as saying his critics will get polio.

More importantly, though, Kunneman is reacting the only way he knows how: By using the threat of God against his followers in order to prevent them from ever questioning him, even as evidence of his lies keep piling up.

This is what happens when you’re part of a cult. Kunneman would rather control his congregation than just admit he’s wrong.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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