“Prophet” Who Promised Trump Victory Says Only Other Prophets Can Question Him May 12, 2021

“Prophet” Who Promised Trump Victory Says Only Other Prophets Can Question Him

How To Know You’re in a Cult 101: when the leader says no one is allowed to question him, except other leaders, which you are not, so shut your mouth.

That’s the latest statement from Nebraska preacher and false prophet Hank Kunneman of One Voice Ministries, who still hasn’t apologized for his wrong predictions about Trump serving a second term and who says Joe Biden is only president because of “treason.”

On his show last week, Kunneman lashed out at a recent list of “standards” for so-called “prophets.” Among other things, the list said that if “mature leaders” can’t evaluate the truth of a prophecy, the speaker “should not be given a platform.”

That doesn’t bode well for Kunneman, who lies in the name of Christianity regularly. So he denounced the very idea that anyone could question his failed predictions.

“It’s amazing,” Kunneman said. “Nobody wrote a letter and thanked me for all the years that I prophesied the other presidents and even President Trump. No, but as soon as something didn’t look like it happened, boy, they jump on the bandwagon to attack you. And my question is: How many of those people that are attacking; A) Are you a prophet? The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 14 that the prophets are to judge the prophets. ‘If a prophet is to prophesy, let the others judge’; the other prophets, that’s what he was speaking about.”

“Are they prophets?” he asked. “Do they have a positional grace and an authority by God? Just because you’re a prophet doesn’t mean that you might be called to be a prophet to the nation. There’s different rank and file and responsibilities that are given to the prophets or to any five-fold office. So, you look at the list of people. Are they prophets? Yes or no? Second, if they are prophets, have they been assigned by Jesus — the Lord of the church, this is a holy thing — to prophesy to a nation?

It’s a very circular argument. The only people who can question him are other prophets… but as it turns out, not all prophets are created equally, and Kunneman gets to be the judge of which ones are legit. (Spoiler: If they support him, they’re probably legit.)

Interestingly, the verse he cites doesn’t say that it takes a prophet to judge a prophet. It says that when prophets speak, others can weigh in — those “others” being other worshiping believers gathered together. Kunneman just chose to narrow that definition to a group of people that magically includes him and his buddies. And not you. Definitely not you.

Political prophecy must be a tough business when you’ve hitched your reputation to a ship that sank months ago.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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