Right-Wing Activist Dave Daubenmire: “A Woman’s Got No Business Being a Cop” April 16, 2021

Right-Wing Activist Dave Daubenmire: “A Woman’s Got No Business Being a Cop”

Right-wing activist Dave Daubenmire is once again using his platform to spread misinformation about another American tragedy.

This time, it concerns Daunte Wright, the Black man who was unjustly killed by yet another cop acting as judge, jury, and executioner during a traffic stop. The cop in question, Kim Potter, said she accidentally confused her taser and her gun.

Daubenmire knows what the real problem here is. It’s not the systemic racism within the police force or cops using unnecessary force against unarmed Black people. Nope. For him, the real problem is that Potter is a woman:

“Can I say this?” Daubenmire said during Monday’s episode of his “Pass The Salt” livestream program. “A woman’s got no business being a cop. Now, there’s a place for a woman in law enforcement, but it is not pulling up at my house and arresting some burly 6-foot-5-inch, 285-pound man. That is not a woman’s job. How did we ever get to the point where we think that it’s normal for a woman to do that? Why? Because that’s perverted.”

“Perversion of the male/female roles,” he added. “Men and women are equal, but they’re not equal. Come on, stop saying that. Men and women aren’t equal. Why have we bought that lie? Why do we promote that lie? Why do you say, ‘Well, women deserve equal rights’? Now, listen, I’m just telling you, a man can cook, but it’s a woman’s job. Sorry.”

Plenty of male cops have done precisely what Potter did. (In fact, the majority of cops who have killed unarmed Black men have been male.) Potter’s gender is irrelevant. The unnecessary shooting is the issue.

Leave it to Daubenmire to miss the entire point while still finding new ways to be sexist.

It’s not a surprise to hear him dismiss the victim, though. This is the same guy who said Meghan Markle “infiltrated” and “poisoned” the royal family’s bloodline and said being called out for not wearing a mask in public was just like racism.

Even Pat Robertson got this one right. Daubenmire is just embarrassing.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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