Check Out This Massive (Resurrected) Interactive Chart of Bible Contradictions April 9, 2021

Check Out This Massive (Resurrected) Interactive Chart of Bible Contradictions

Nearly a decade ago, a computer programmer used data from the Skeptics Annotated Bible and available information about Bible verses that cross-referenced the same topics to create a visual masterpiece called BibViz (Bible Visualization). The site allowed visitors to hover over different arcs to discover biblical contradictions.

Unfortunately, the site atrophied over the years — the old URL now redirects to one with a lot of broken links — but the source code was always available online under a Creative Commons license… and now an enterprising atheist named Randy has resurrected the graphics and fixed the broken parts at

Go there and just start playing around. Each arc lights up when you hover over it and tells you which verses are being linked together. Click on an arc and it’ll take you to those contradictions specifically with citations so you can check them out for yourself. As Randy told me, it’s just a wonderful counter-apologetics resource for anyone interested.

Show your fundamentalist friends and watch them squirm. There’s just no plausible way anyone can take the Bible literally after going through all these unless they’re closing their eyes, sticking their fingers in their ears, and refusing to think about any of the errors in their worldview. Some items can be rationalized, but not all of them.

The site also shows you where in the Bible you’ll find all the biblical passages featuring Cruelty & Violence, Discrimination against Homosexuals, Scientific Absurdities & Historical Inaccuracies, or (below) Misogyny/Violence/Discrimination against Women. You can also scroll all the way down to see a list of every contradiction in the supposedly infallible Holy Book.

Those vertical bars go from the number of relevant verses in Genesis (on the left) to Revelation (on the right).

It’s a new site so there are still some snags in there. But Randy tells me he’s working on fixes and plans to make a similar site for the Qur’an in the near future. If you have suggestions or corrections, feel free to contact him directly.

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