Jerry Falwell, Jr. is Urging People to Get Vaccinated in Order to Own the Libs April 9, 2021

Jerry Falwell, Jr. is Urging People to Get Vaccinated in Order to Own the Libs

On Wednesday, disgraced Liberty University leader Jerry Falwell, Jr. did something halfway decent.

He got vaccinated… and then bragged about how others should follow suit in order to somehow own the libs.

Got the 1st Moderna vaccination today!… Please get vaccinated so our nutcase of a Governor will have less reasons for mindless restrictions!

Hey, you know what? If that’s what it takes for conservatives to do the responsible thing, then by all means, let them think they’re angering liberals by getting vaccinated. Please make us mad. Infuriate us. The first shot will anger us, sure, but the second shot will really bring us over the edge. Please please please don’t do that to us, conservatives.

I’ll find a way to deal with it.

I’m actually surprised by the picture. I assumed Falwell would post a picture of his wife getting the jab. (Thank you. I’ll be here all day. Don’t forget to tip the waitstaff.)

It’s clear he hasn’t matured one bit since his downfall. He can’t even do the bare minimum — getting a life-saving shot — without being a jackass about it. It’s the same culture that infested Liberty under his leadership and continues to override the conservative movement at large.

But it’s actually quite the journey for Falwell. This is the same guy who refused to shut down Liberty U. when the outbreak began. The guy who responded to a parent asking him why he was putting students at risk by calling him a “dummy.” A guy who referred to COVID as liberals’ “next attempt to get Trump.”

At what point did he start thinking COVID was so serious that he needed a vaccine? Was it some recent realization? Or did he come to his senses the second he no longer had to perform like a batshit crazy right-wing evangelical Christian?

Who knows. He didn’t explain. It’s too bad. Falwell finally did something worth bragging about… but he’s no longer in a position of power where his requests for other evangelicals to follow his lead are taken seriously.

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