Christian Post Columnist: “White America” is Under Assault by the Left April 9, 2021

Christian Post Columnist: “White America” is Under Assault by the Left

After years of protests in defense of Black lives and in the wake of attacks on Asians, the Christian Post has finally figured out which group of people are the most persecuted in America: white people.

Given their defense of Donald Trump and Christian Nationalism, that shouldn’t be surprising, but the article by Hedieh Mirahmadi is still jarring. White America is under attack, she says, and this is unquestionably a very bad thing:

Whether it is a Syrian Muslim gunning down “Trump supporters” in Colorado, the attack near the Capitol by a Nation of Islam supporter, the change in laws that protect police in New York, or the campaign against the state of Georgia, we must acknowledge the widespread assault on the conservative, Christian community. I use the phrase “White America,” though ironically we are comprised of all ethnicities and races but united in our stand for biblical and democratic values that are the foundation of our country. The radical left characterizes us as “angry white people” so they can garner support for the vilification of our principles as part of a broader scheme to undermine our way of life. It is critical that we do not look at each of these issues as separate unrelated events when each of them is a critical aspect of how insidious movements weaken traditional social structures.

No one on the left was celebrating those attacks (and there’s no campaign “against the state of Georgia”). As is often the case with conservatives, Mirahmadi is cherry picking isolated incidents and misrepresenting legitimate problems while ignoring the bigger picture.

She goes on to explain her credentials in researching radical Islamic movements to supposedly add legitimacy to her claim that the “radical left” is operating in a similar manner.

It doesn’t go so well:

However, the assault on “White America” that unites Islamists and the radical Left is particularly dangerous, not only because it has followers capable of terrorizing the population, they also have tacit support from the Biden administration, local and state lawmakers, and a large portion of mainstream society. Together these two movements have the power to murder opponents and sabotage traditional legal and political structures.

Who is terrorizing whom? Just this week, FOX News was downplaying the right-wing insurrection attempt. If Mirahmadi wants to pretend White Americans are under attack, then she should at least tell us which other group has it so much better. Which group would White America like to trade places with?

The idea that violence comes from the left is also laughable given that liberals are the ones trying to prevent access to assault weapons and enact stricter gun safety measures.

As if you needed even more proof that this argument makes no sense, Mirahmadi suggests that not allowing voter suppression amounts to sabotage.

The orchestrated boycott and vilification of Georgia is another alarming example of how these movements operate. We are seeing mainstream social structures such as corporations like Coca-Cola, Major League Baseball, as well as President Joe Biden himself supporting the effort to isolate and punish Georgia for creating voting restrictions… The law protects the integrity of the voting system but it’s being purposely mischaracterized as racial discrimination to inflame the emotions of the public and cause financial harm, which they hope will force the legislature to retract it. The radical left is using social and financial coercion to compromise the sanctity of how we vote in this country.

They’re characterizing the Georgia bill as racist because it systematically makes voting more difficult in areas where more Black people vote. Just as you don’t need to wear a white hood to be racist, a law doesn’t need to explicitly mention Black people to actively suppress that vote. There is no evidence of voter fraud, but Republican lawmakers in the state have seen what happens when people of color start voting in droves: Democrats win. This law is meant to stop that. Because when voting is made easier, Republicans suffer.

Besides that, what exactly is this “way of life” that so desperately needs protection? Whatever it is, we have ample evidence to show it isn’t working. It’s still far too easy for guns to end up in the hands of people intending to cause harm. Healthcare is inaccessible to a large swath of working adults. Coronavirus rates haven’t dropped steadily enough to resume our normal lives, despite the availability of vaccines. Climate change is a looming threat to future generations, and is only getting worse before our very eyes.

It’s not that the left has all the answers, but we’ve watched things get significantly worse under a right-wing government that had the power to do what it wanted. Mirahmadi’s “White America” deserves to be relegated to history books and become nothing more than a cautionary tale.

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