MAGA Pastor: God Told Me to Condemn the “Sin of the Biden Administration” March 25, 2021

MAGA Pastor: God Told Me to Condemn the “Sin of the Biden Administration”

Right-wing pastor Shane Vaughn of Mississippi’s First Harvest Ministries, who recently credited Donald Trump with the COVID relief bill that not a single Republican voted for, now says God has asked him to denounce the Biden administration.

“Elijah was called by God to reveal the corruption in Israel,” Vaughn said. “The government at that time was being led by a jezebel, her name was Jezebel—not Kamala, but Jezebel. Our current governmental leader, her name is Jezebel too, but it’s Kamala Jezebel. Elijah was called to reveal their anti-God agenda in the land of Israel with Jezebel and Ahab. And Elijah did his job. He lifted his voice, he was a pastor to the conservative movement of Israel, he was a pastor in that day and age to those that were trying to please God and do the right thing.”

“But something very sad happened to this great man of God, Elijah,” Vaughn continued. “He became so intimidated by the left — her name is Jezebel, she was the government — he became so intimidated by her influence and her fear tactics; she literally scared this man of God to death, so much so that the next day he ran 16 miles to get away from her influence. And the sad thing is he lost out on his ministry to the nation of Israel. I want everyone watching me to know this: God called me to raise my voice against the sin of the Biden administration.

He doesn’t specify exactly what that “anti-God agenda” is, but we can safely assume it has to do with the Equality Act and Biden’s pro-choice stance. That stance, by the way, is accompanied by social policies that help decrease the demand for abortion; it’s always telling when critics of Biden condemn his position on the subject without addressing that aspect of it. Even items like potentially raising the minimum wage, making healthcare more affordable, giving people stimulus payments, pushing for comprehensive sex education, etc. go a long way toward decreasing the need for abortions.

Where was Vaughn during the Trump administration, you may wonder? Good question. Despite there being plenty of stories to choose from, you’d be hard-pressed to find examples of him claiming Trump was anti-God in any meaningful way. For what it’s worth, there’s far more outcry in the Bible against poor treatment of immigrants and refugees than opposition to civil rights for minorities. People who’ve read the book would know that.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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