Robert Jeffress: You’ll Work in Heaven But Without Any “Government Regulations” March 8, 2021

Robert Jeffress: You’ll Work in Heaven But Without Any “Government Regulations”

Pastor Robert Jeffress, the longtime defender of Donald Trump, no longer has a regular news outlet to spew his horrible opinions now that Lou Dobbs has been fired. But that doesn’t matter when you can just glom onto a different kind of huckster: televangelist Jim Bakker.

Speaking with Bakker a few weeks ago, Jeffress made up a bunch of “facts” about Heaven… that sound downright awful.

Apparently, everyone in Heaven has to work. Still! But it’s okay because everyone will love it.

We’re also going to work in Heaven! Now that may sound more like Hell to some people — you know, working in Heaven?! But remember: God created us to be workers. Work was a gift from God before the fall of Adam and Eve. God meant for us to find fulfillment in our work. He’s a worker; He created us to be workers.

But in Heaven — the new Heaven and the new Earth — all of the things that drain the joy out of our work — bodies that grow tired, strained relationships, government regulations — all those things will be removed and we’re going to enjoy work like God intended us to enjoy it.

Terrific. Heaven is a giant Amazon warehouse where we won’t be able to take pee breaks, but it’s okay, because we won’t even have to pee! (Yay?)

I’ve never heard of anyone clamoring for an afterlife where they have to do hard labor for eternity, but that’s what Christians have to look forward to, I guess.

It’s easy for someone like Jeffress — whose job basically consists of perpetuating right-wing talking points on cable news when he’s not doing it in front of his church — to act like work is nothing but joy. But for people who have to work jobs they tolerate just to pay the bills, and who can’t get a higher salary because Republicans (and a handful of Democrats) refuse to raise the federal minimum wage, there’s nothing joyous about this future.

And did you catch the part about how government regulations will be gone in Heaven? Those regulations are some of the only things protecting workers from bosses who would easily make workers’ lives worse if they could. But in Heaven, apparently, there are no rules. Good luck with that.

It’s not clear what the point of these jobs are, either. To make money? To get a promotion? Why can’t God just poof the products into existence? Why can’t the people relax while God does the work? Haven’t they earned it?

Also, what the hell are his citations for all this?!

There are none because, like all pastors, he’s just making up this vision of the afterlife. He says it with enough confidence that gullible Christians might fall for it.

I sometimes get pushback whenever I post about Kat Kerr, who has her own specific theories about Heaven, that it’s unfair to pick on her because she’s clearly delusional. I always say she’s not on the fringe like many readers think she is. Here’s proof of that. Jeffress is one of the most powerful Baptist preachers in the country and he’s spewing the same made-up bullshit about the afterlife.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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