Christian Nationalist Mat Staver: The “Q” in LGBTQ Stands for Pedophilia March 3, 2021

Christian Nationalist Mat Staver: The “Q” in LGBTQ Stands for Pedophilia

Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver is one of those conservative Christians who routinely ignores the truth to spread whatever lies might help his side.

Like when he claimed in 2019 that the LGBTQ Equality Act would open the door to pedophilia.

Well, now that the Equality Act is back up for debate, Staver is once again claiming that liberals want to celebrate pedophilia. The professional Christian liar even claimed on his podcast yesterday that the “Q” in LGBTQ stands for pedophilia — something he’s done before.

Now, what does LGBTQ stand for? Well, L is for lesbian, G is for gay. And the B is for bisexual, attracted to both male and female. T is for so-called transgender, somebody who’s born biologically one sex but wants to identify as another sex.

And this is what we’ve just been talking about: What’s the Q stand for? In the Senate bill version, they specifically say the Q stands for Queer, and Queer or Questioning is what the Q stands for, meaning that it is outside of so-called sexual orientation, outside of bisexuality, outside of transgenderism.

It includes the entire universe. And that universe can include what’s called “minor attracted individuals,” what is what we would call pedophilia. It includes everything in the universe.

So when you have HR 5, the House bill version, or the Senate, and that passes, the impact of this is incalculable.

That’s not what the Q stands for. No one has ever said that’s what the Q stands for. But Mat Staver is a Christian liar, and he realizes opposing civil rights for LGBTQ people is a losing argument for his cause, so instead of explaining why LGBTQ people don’t deserve the same protections he has, he decides to throw pedophiles in the mix for no reason whatsoever.

Staver, like so many other conservative Christians, doesn’t understand the concept of legal consent. It’s not a complicated issue, but his career depends on him lying about it to other Christians who aren’t smart enough to realize he’s bullshitting them.

They fall for the lie when he says it, just like they fall for the lies their pastors tell them in church.

If Staver ever spoke to LGBTQ people — good luck with that — he would know his definition isn’t accurate. Which is precisely why he’ll never do it.

(via Right Wing Watch. Large portions of this article were published earlier)

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