You’ll Want to Watch This Documentary About Ark Encounter, Now Online for Free February 7, 2021

You’ll Want to Watch This Documentary About Ark Encounter, Now Online for Free

Update: It’s a bootleg (not a legit copy as the name of the uploader implied, and I suspect it’ll be taken down soon. The original version of the film can still be seen via PBS’ website.

A documentary about Ark Encounter, called We Believe in Dinosaurs, is finally available to watch online for free.

It’s one of the more in-depth and thorough looks you’ll ever see of the Noah’s Ark replica in Kentucky. The film goes into the financial promises made to the city of Williamstown. It also features Ken Ham and the Creationists who made the displays you see inside the boat; Dan Phelps, a local paleontologist who has been instrumental in letting the world know what’s going down in Williamstown (you can thank him for the Ark’s attendance figures we share on this site every month); and David MacMillan, a former Creationist who no longer believes in that nonsense.

It’s not an attack on Creationism. It’s not that kind of movie. But it turns out letting Creationists speak for themselves doesn’t make them look very good. No wonder Ham isn’t a fan of the film.

Go watch it while you can. It’s been available via PBS’ website for a while, but you have to jump through hoops to watch it there.

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