Jim Bakker, Who Said Christians Would Riot for Trump, Now Denies It Happened February 7, 2021

Jim Bakker, Who Said Christians Would Riot for Trump, Now Denies It Happened

Televangelist Jim Bakker spent a part of last year selling (and then defending himself against selling) a fake all-purpose cure for COVID, SARS, HIV, and “all venereal diseases.”

He’s no longer hawking fake coronavirus cures but he’s spewing a different kind of poison instead.

On his show Tuesday, speaking with End Times author Jonathan Cahn, Bakker claimed that Christians weren’t part of the January 6 insurrection… even though Christians held up Jesus banners and prayed after barging into the Capitol.

“I still don’t understand all of that,” Bakker said. “Christians don’t burn buildings down. Christians don’t riot. They just don’t. I’m talking about born-again Christians, biblical Christians.

You don’t get to No True Scotsman your way out of this. The people rioting included a number of Bible-believing evangelicals who accepted a right-wing conspiracy the same way the accept the lies they’re told in church. Whether they were doing what Jesus would do is up for debate, sure, but let’s not pretend they weren’t Christians in any meaningful way. These people went to church before the riots and they attended afterwards, and their pastors and their church communities have never done enough to purge their conspiracy-fueled selves from the congregation.

As Right Wing Watch points out, Bakker shouldn’t be surprised for another reason: Back in August, he said that if Donald Trump lost the election, “we’re gonna have a revolution. The church people are going to march in the streets.” That’s obviously not the same thing as an insurrection, but it certainly lays the groundwork.

In 2017, Bakker also said a riot would occur if Trump were impeached.

“If they go through with that, there will be a riot in the United States of America, and you’re going to find little old ladies rioting, you’re going to find the church people out rioting because they’re not going to take it any more,” Bakker said in November 2017.

There are other examples, too. The point is: Bakker set the stage for a riot that included Christians. And now that a riot involving Christians has occurred, Bakker, as usual, is denying reality.

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