Preacher Andrew Wommack: I Prayed Away the Mildew in My Home February 4, 2021

Preacher Andrew Wommack: I Prayed Away the Mildew in My Home

Preacher Andrew Wommack has said in the past that God would cure COVID-19 by turning off the virus receptors in our body and that only people who aren’t devout Christians can catch the virus.

He makes things up is my point. And even then, he’s wrong.

But his latest Christian lie isn’t even necessary! During his Charis Daily Live Bible Study on Tuesday, Wommack claimed he prayed away mildew in his home:

… Real quick, we need to take questions, but real quickly, when my wife and I first got married, we were poor and we lived in a house that wasn’t insulated. And so we had a gas heater on the inside to keep the place warm. But because there was no insulation, the walls sweat. And in the closets, especially where it was dark and stuff like this, we just had mildew everywhere.

And you know what I did? Instead of taking something and cleaning it off and repainting or something? I took Deuteronomy 28 and read it: “Mildew, you are a curse.”

Then I turned over to Galatians 3:13: “I’m redeemed from you!” And I spoke to mildew and cursed it! And did you know, it went away without me having to clean it and do something.

It was a curse, and I rebuke the curse, and I got free from that!

Moral of the story: Never go to Andrew Wommack’s house…

Weird how there’s no videotape of the mildew disappearing, no admission that this magic tricks works on any other household problem, no follow-up questions, nothing. Wommack won’t even offer his services to other Christians with mildew in their homes.

We just have to take the Christian liar’s word for it.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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