Hate-Pastor Who Still Thinks Trump Will Win: God Will Dethrone Democrats in 2021 January 9, 2021

Hate-Pastor Who Still Thinks Trump Will Win: God Will Dethrone Democrats in 2021

On Sunday, which was approximately a year ago, Christian Hate-Preacher Greg Locke claimed with his typical brand of unearned confidence that God had big plans in store to topple Democrats.

That was before the Capitol siege, Trump’s potential second impeachment, and the Georgia runoff election results.

Which means this sermon barely held up a full week.

“I’m telling you right now,” he continued, “if New York doesn’t repent, if New York doesn’t turn around, if New York doesn’t get right with God, if New York don’t recall that crazy, wicked, vile mayor and governor they got, you better know something: God’s gonna reach up, he’s gonna destroy that place. It’s gonna be desolate. It’s gonna be laid waste.

“Old Nero Newsom out in California, a Hitler wannabe,” Locke added. “I’m telling you right now: Old Nero Newsom ain’t staying in power. You hear me? I declare unto you right now: He ain’t staying in power. Old [Andrew] Cuomo, that joker ain’t staying in power. God’s gonna bring the whole thing down. It’s all gonna come toppling down. We [are] about to see some exposure of these bunch of pedophile sex-trafficking rings [that have] been popping up in Hollywood, been popping up in the White House, been popping up overseas. God’s about to expose all of it, I tell you right now. He’s gonna expose every bit of that mess. Every bit of it. I don’t care what WikiLeaks says. I don’t care who they pardon and who they don’t. I’m telling you the Clintons got it coming. God’s gonna expose all of it.

In addition to being wrong, he’s also spouting QAnon conspiracies. That’s what passes for gospel at his Tennessee church.

Considering all the prophets who were blatantly wrong about the elections, you’d think they would be cautious before speaking on God’s behalf about anything. It’s almost impressive at this point, his delusion and refusal to accept what’s real.

Incidentally, if we’re talking about repentance and cities refusing to “turn around,” remember that the real sin of Sodom that caused the city to go up in flames wasn’t homosexuality. It was inhospitality and miscarriages of justice.

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