Angry Christian Mom Condemns for Ads Showing Satan on a Date with 2020 January 9, 2021

Angry Christian Mom Condemns for Ads Showing Satan on a Date with 2020

The one conservative Christian mom at One Million Moms (Twitter count: 4,606) is very upset that dating website tried to be funny in a commercial.

The ad shows Satan getting matched with a woman named “2020” — get it? — and it turns out to be a “Match Made in Hell”:

Another ad shows the couple discussing their relationship:

Cute. Clever. And apparently very anti-Christian, according to OMM’s Monica Cole, who can’t handle the jokes:

These two ads, both created by Ryan Reynolds, make light of hell and the eternal dangers of the demonic realm. One Million Moms does not want viewers to be deceived by this unbiblical depiction of Satan and hell.

These two dark commercials make it difficult for families and children to avoid such evil content while watching TV shows during prime time and sporting events.

You mean to tell me this commercial centered around a well-known mythological figure isn’t worried about biblical accuracy?! WHAT WILL WE DO?! What’s odd about the complaint is that this Satan — quirky, friendly, a guy on a date — is way better than the one in the Bible. If you want to protect your kids from “evil content,” then don’t send them to Sunday School.

Plus, I have no doubt the sort of people who think their kids’ minds will rot by seeing these ads on TV have no problem with those kids watching or attending a Trump rally. Which one really does them more harm?

This is what happens when you think everyone’s out to get you. There’s no such thing as Christian Persecution in the U.S. That means Cole just makes it up by pointing to anything that even mildly mocks her religion.

These are the same people, too, who call everyone else “snowflakes.” They’re all cowards and hypocrites.

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