Evangelist Falsely Claims None of the Capitol Rioters “Were Trump Supporters” January 8, 2021

Evangelist Falsely Claims None of the Capitol Rioters “Were Trump Supporters”

Christian evangelist Mario Murillo, who has fought Satan over control of a California highway and claimed God sent Donald Trump to “save” people from Democrats, is trying very hard to distance fellow Christians from the riots at the Capitol on Wednesday.

On the night of the siege, Murillo said he knew with absolute certainty that the MAGA cultists who invaded the Capitol included no Trump supporters. Somehow.

… What we’ve seen today is the people are going to speak. We the people are speaking, and the politicians need to be afraid of us. And I think — I know for a fact that none of those rioters that invaded the buildings were Trump supporters. They certainly weren’t patriots. But I know this: I know that there is a spirit in the land that wants to take away our Christian rights and our freedoms, and today, we demonstrated to them we are not going to let this happen. And anyone that thinks that it ends tonight is totally mistaken. This is not the end. This is the very beginning.

And I hope President Trump somehow gets this from me: I want you to know, sir, that you may have been the president, but now, you are still the president in our eyes, and you are a freedom fighter now, and we are going to get our country back, and we need you to stay on the front line…

So no Trumpists were rioters — even though pictures of the attack show flags and hats and giant banners with Trump’s name — and while those supporters weren’t there, the politicians still need to be afraid because “we demonstrated to them we are not going to let this happen.”

A pretzel doesn’t have as many twists as Murillo’s logic.

The attack was staged by MAGA cultists. They included Christians who bragged about their participation. They are domestic terrorists. And it’s clear the only thing that bothers some Christian evangelists is that the mob didn’t win. So Murillo and his allies will keep spreading lies about how Christians are under attack when reality is that Christians are the ones attacking everyone else.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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