Christian Hate-Pastor Whines After Criticism for Not Wearing Mask Properly January 7, 2021

Christian Hate-Pastor Whines After Criticism for Not Wearing Mask Properly

Christian Hate-Preacher Greg Locke was one of the participants in the MAGA rally yesterday (though he says he did not storm the Capitol). He’s also someone who denies the COVID crisis while being unable to explain what a pandemic is, and a guy who invites other Trump cultists to speak to his tiny Tennessee church.

He’s also a very real threat to people’s health.

Flying home from the rally, Locke admitted to not wearing a mask properly, either out of ignorance or malice, putting the health of fellow passengers and Delta staffers in danger. When a flight attendant called him out on it, he took to Twitter to demand repercussions.

He doesn’t seem to understand that he is, in fact, an asshole.

But since he’s admitting to breaking rules regarding masks, Delta and other airlines should go ahead and ban him from flying on their planes altogether. He’s a security hazard. If he’s allowed to keep flying, then the plane isn’t safe.

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