Christian Radio Host Spreads Election Lies, Then Tells Listeners to “Buy Ammo” January 7, 2021

Christian Radio Host Spreads Election Lies, Then Tells Listeners to “Buy Ammo”

On Tuesday night, as the votes were being tallied for the Georgia Senate runoff elections, Christian radio host Kevin McCullough became infuriated that the final results weren’t in. We already knew that would be the case, though. The largest counties (which happen to be heavily Democratic) take longer to count mail-in ballots and early votes. Still, the tally happened fairly quickly. The results were clear enough by Wednesday afternoon that news outlets could make their projections.

That wasn’t good enough for McCullough, who acted like the delay was a left-wing conspiracy, aided by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and Democratic organizer extraordinaire Stacey Abrams. As if they’re all working together to change the outcome of the races.

And then he told his followers to “buy ammo.”

That ammo comment was made hours before right-wing terrorists stormed the Capitol.

It’s not that McCullough’s comment inspired the attack. It’s that Christian extremism like his fueled the sort of Persecution Complex many of those terrorists undoubtedly felt as they entered and vandalized the building. They’ve been fed lies about how the nation would become some kind of Socialist nightmare if Democrats win, or how Christianity would be banned or punished, or how their rights would disappear quickly. Evangelical preachers have been saying that for years, even suggesting that voting for Democrats violates God’s desires.

It’s not news when Christians lie. But it ought to be called out and condemned. If only their congregations or listeners gave a damn.

(via Screenshot via YouTube)

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