David and Tim Barton Predicted Christians Wouldn’t “Cause Trouble” at the Rally January 7, 2021

David and Tim Barton Predicted Christians Wouldn’t “Cause Trouble” at the Rally

We already know Christian pseudo-historian David Barton will say anything to defend Donald Trump. His son Tim Barton is no different.

Earlier this year, the elder liar praised Trump’s handling of the pandemic because he’s “not letting medical professionals run everything.” He also said it wasn’t the government’s job to respond to a pandemic (even though it absolutely is). And he claimed governors who were issuing restrictions were too scared of the virus because they weren’t Christian enough.

But while the Bartons are notoriously bad at assessing current events, they’re arguably worse at predicting future ones.

On Tuesday, the Bartons appeared on “VICTORY Update” to discuss Wednesday’s Trump rally — the one that eventually led to right-wing terrorists storming the Capitol building — and just listen to this clip of them saying how everything would definitely be peaceful:

TIM BARTON: And I think this is why there is a potential for several million people showing up in Washington, D.C. on that day — and, actually, I guess that’s tomorrow, right? — tomorrow with millions of people looking to be in D.C., there’s estimates that it could be between one and three million people that show up, because there are people that are looking and going, “Wait a second, we’re seeing violations of the law. Even if right now, we could make the argument that there’s not been enough proof for enough fraud in some of these states to overturn the outcome of the election, certainly, in many situations, there has been enough laws that were broken that would have made a difference in the election had law been followed.”

And this is where it will be very interesting to see if those millions of people being there, if maybe there’s pressure put on Congress..

As was already mentioned, the reality that 75 million people at this point feel like there maybe has been some fraud, maybe they have been defrauded of Trump being the president. There have not been cities burned down by constitutional Christian conservative Republicans. That’s not happened.

And so it’s interesting to me that even with 300,000 National Guard members being called out, the reality is, the people who will show up there to support Trump are generally going to be very pro-military, pro-National Guard. They’re not gonna be people looking to cause trouble. And so I would think this is actually a pretty good assignment for those National Guard people. They’ve probably never had so many thank you’s in their life as they might expect tomorrow from people who are very patriotic Americans who just want to make sure that the Constitution and the law is followed. So it will be interesting to see if Mike Pence can present any evidence that, to this point, has not been presented, because if he can’t, I don’t know if that’s gonna change any outcome that happens in the Senate. But if he can present evidence that, to this point, has not been yet presented, it could have an impact on what happens with the future of this election.

DAVID BARTON: And Tim, you meant to say 300 National Guardsmen, not 300,000 National Guardsmen called out… And I think what you may see is what we’ve seen elsewhere, that when conservative crowds show up, just like this weekend, Josh Hawley… the bad guys showed up at his house banging on the door.

And that’s what you may see, is 3 million may come to D.C. and all the wild guys show up to try to have confrontations. We saw that back in inauguration time four years ago. So that may be part of why it’s there. I don’t think our guys will be doing crazy stuff, but I think the other guys may be trying to attack our guys and provoke something. We’ll see. But that’s why the National Guard has been called out.

There’s no reason to believe there were left-wing agitators donning MAGA hats and vandalizing the Capitol. That’s a Republican fever dream. There were plenty of right-wing Christians at that rally and entering the Capitol.

Christians were part of the mob. The pictures show it. Their own statements reveal it. They were looking to cause trouble. They are not patriotic. They were the ones doing “crazy stuff.” They don’t care about the law. Josh Hawley wasn’t a victim. The “wild guys” were them all along.

The fact that neither Barton realizes that their false rhetoric has contributed to the brainwashing of so many conservative Christians — who wrongly feel persecuted because that’s the lie they keep being fed by their leaders — say everything you need to know about their own lack of integrity.

(Thanks to @AshleyBbD for the link)

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