Lying Pastor: The Election May Be the Most “Prolific Deception” in History December 7, 2020

Lying Pastor: The Election May Be the Most “Prolific Deception” in History

Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in California has become best known for denying reality.

In May, for example, he denied the seriousness of COVID and argued that two months of abiding by lockdown orders was enough and churches should go back to meeting in person despite the threat of the virus. In August, he wore a combat helmet to make the case that Christians were under attack. In September, he hosted an in-person baptism for over 1,000 people.

He has also claimed that Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, a Baptist, isn’t truly Christian.

He’s still at it.

During a sermon over the weekend, Hibbs suggested the election results would be overturned because reasons.

My, my, how things have changed in one week. The magnitude of deception now? Witnesses having come forth? Sworn affidavits? People now whistleblowers on the grand deception? Some people are saying that if this turns out the way that it’s looking, with all of these people who are under oath — that if they’re lying, they’re going to go to prison.

If it’s all true, then we’re looking at what might be the most prolific deception in the history of man thus far. Think of it. Voting fraud. All of these things. People paid with… evidence of international schemes.

And there’s even been some shootouts in other countries over material and evidence, and all these things are coming together, and states are starting to wake up, and things are starting to be looked at and rescinded. Well, we’re going to be taking this back and…

All the — what’s going on? Forget about the politics of it. It’s deception! People were deceived

This is what happens when you never learn critical thinking skills and have no ability to tell truth from fiction. It’s bad enough when we’re talking about religion, but Hibbs is dumb enough to think Trump’s pathetic legal team has a case, and the Kraken is real, and every loss in court is persecution. If this is the sort of man who can run a megachurch, what does it say about the Christians who treat him as a leader? How ignorant are all of them, that a damn fool can brainwash them this badly?

The only people deceived are the people throwing money into Trump’s pocket so he can get rich off this latest con.

Tell me again why a church like this deserves to be tax-exempt?

(via Christian Nightmares)

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