Lying Christian Pastor: Trump Won the Election by an “Absolute Landslide” December 5, 2020

Lying Christian Pastor: Trump Won the Election by an “Absolute Landslide”

Earlier this week, Pastor Todd Coconato, a Christian member of the MAGA cult who routinely interviews the kind of evangelicals who surround Donald Trump, claimed that atheists would convert to Christianity after God helped overturn the election results.

He’s still on that delusion train… and filming from his car. In a video posted Thursday, Coconato insisted Trump not only won the election — which he didn’t — but that he won by a “landslide.”

… people say, “Well, were the prophets wrong in saying that President Trump won?”

No! Because President Trump did win!

You know, they said, “Well, Pastor Todd, are you gonna recant on saying that you felt like the president’s going to win?” No! I mean, we know the president won, ladies and gentlemen. He won by a landslide! He won probably, honestly, by the biggest landslide in the history of our country. I mean, [pro-Trump attorney] Lin Wood said yesterday it could be as many as 400 electoral votes. I mean, an absolute landslide…

Trump lost by more than 7 million votes. Joe Biden won the same number of electoral college votes that Trump once referred to as a “landslide.” It’s not even close.

But in the Christian Bubble, where All Lies Matter, no amount of math will convince them to accept reality. You can’t trust them about the election, and you shouldn’t trust them on matters of faith either.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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