Pastor: After God Overturns the Election Results, Atheists Will Finally Convert November 30, 2020

Pastor: After God Overturns the Election Results, Atheists Will Finally Convert

Pastor Todd Coconato is a Christian member of the MAGA cult who routinely interviews the kind of evangelicals who surround Donald Trump. In recent weeks, he’s spoken with John MacArthur, Paula White, and Michele Bachmann.

That’s why it’s worth listening his a recent delusion he offered while filming in his car: Because a bunch of other Trump cultists take him seriously.

Coconato claimed God was going to help Trump overturn the election results, and that apparently miracle would also convert atheists.

So back to the question: Is Trump going to win? I think that, as we pray, something happens. God responds

… And when I asked the Lord, what should we do? Should we should we stop praying? Should we accept our defeat and move on to the next thing? He says “Absolutely not. Opposite. Pray, pray, pray, pray without ceasing. Believe. Have faith. Trust.”

So that’s what I’m getting from God. And so that gives me encouragement in my spirit because if the Lord is saying that, that means it’s not done. You see, you understand me? That means it’s not done. Because if it were done, then I think God would be telling me, “You know what? Just move on” or “Move on to the next thing. You’ve entered into a new season and everybody needs to be prepared for the persecution.”

Now, does that mean there won’t be tough times ahead? No. Does that mean there won’t be persecution? No. But what it means is simply this: He has not told me to stop praying. And because of that, I believe that He’s moving on our behalf in some way, shape, or form. And I believe that this is a war that we’re going to have to pray this through, pray this through, until the very end here.

But I do believe we’re going to see God move on our behalf. And I think it’s going to be such a miracle and sign and wonder — now, get this, because this is important — get this because this is important — I believe it’s going to be such a miracle, sign, and wonder as this takes place that the people that… even the godless, even the atheists, are going to look and say, “Wow, look at the God that they serve! Look at the God that they serve!”

Because people are going to say it was impossible. They’re going to say there was no way. They’re going to say, you know, absolutely not, it’ll never happen. And then what God does when He moves, they’re going to see and look and say, “Wow.” And I believe it’s going to bring people to salvation.

If the election results are overturned, it won’t be a sign from God. It’ll be a sign of our broken democracy and Republican leaders’ inability to put country ahead of their own party and ego. But so far, even Republicans haven’t been willing to overturn the results to prop up a sinking ship.

That news hasn’t reached members of the MAGA cult, though. These people are a lost cause. The more pressing question is how many of their followers will eventually accept that they’re being played by these same religious leaders.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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