Michele Bachmann: God, Will You “Allow Donald Trump to Have a Second Term”? December 5, 2020

Michele Bachmann: God, Will You “Allow Donald Trump to Have a Second Term”?

In a move that shows just how desperate the Right is becoming, Former Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann, who said just before the election that Donald Trump would win the presidency because God already called it in Heaven, is now pleading with God to give Trump a second term.

For this moment in the United States, we seriously, sincerely cry out to You, confessing our personal sins. We confess the sins of our country, as proxies. We ask you, oh God, for deliverance that our country may continue to know freedom.

Lord, would you deliver these races in Georgia, o father? Would you deliver various local and state races, Father, that they aren’t stolen? Would you give us a true vote?

And, o God, I personally ask from myself, Michele Bachmann, Lord, would you allow Donald Trump to have a second term as president of the United States?

Good thing she included her own name in there, or else God might not know who’s talking…?

Just to repeat: Bachmann already declared weeks ago that this was a done deal. So why the plea now?

You could say that God has answered part of that prayer, as far as delivering local races goes. The true vote happened. The results are in. They weren’t stolen. Biden won. Democrats retained control of the House. They have a chance at flipping the Senate.

Who knows? Maybe that deliverance and freedom will be granted through a Biden presidency. God works in mysterious ways, right?

(via Joe. My. God.)

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