Preacher: Even If the Prophets Were Wrong About Trump Winning, It Doesn’t Matter November 27, 2020

Preacher: Even If the Prophets Were Wrong About Trump Winning, It Doesn’t Matter

About two months ago, Sid Roth, the host of a show called It’s Supernatural, hosted an episode all about why his viewers should support Donald Trump. It got weird when the entire panel began speaking in tongues.

But there’s been a running theme on his show, which is that modern-day prophets assured him Trump would win a second term.

That didn’t happen. That’s not going to happen.

So during a question-and-answer episode on Wednesday, Roth’s co-host Emilie Plowman asked him for a reaction to that. What did it say about the prophecies — and God — if Trump lost?

Roth responded by taking literally every position on the matter: Trump won. If he lost, then it was stolen from him. If he really lost, then the prophets still weren’t wrong. If the prophets were wrong, then it doesn’t really matter.

PLOWMAN: So what would you say, Sid, now that we’re on the other side of the election, things didn’t quite turn out the way many people anticipated. What does that mean for the prophets and the prophetic? Were those words fake or… what’s your take on that?

ROTH: Well, first of all, there’s an old saying that I remember even before I was a believer: It’s not over till the fat lady sings…

I believe that President Trump won… and will win even though it was taken away from him. That’s my opinion. However, I also believe it’ll probably go to the Supreme Court. So you have to understand how faith operates. I believe the word of God. I believe the prophets.

Now, having said that… I’m going to take the other side of the coin.

If they are all wrong, it doesn’t destroy my faith in God. It destroys my faith in the accuracy of the prophets. But I still have faith in the prophets, because my faith is in the word of God.

I absolutely believe Trump is going to win. I haven’t given up one iota. Admittedly, sometimes I can’t watch the news, but I’m not being an ostrich. I’m saying, I think that President Trump is a very intelligent man, has an extremely intelligent staff, and he would have just given up and said, “I’ll run in four more years” or whatever if he had lost, I do not believe he’d be spending all that money, and all that energy, and all that time if he didn’t think there was a legitimate chance for him to win.

That’s a lot of delusional thinking packed in one answer.

Let’s start with the last bit: Trump is not intelligent, nor does he have an intelligent staff since the best and brightest would never work for him. He won’t give up because the second he leaves the White House, he can be prosecuted for his crimes, and that’ll be true even if he attempts to pardon himself. He’s also not spending any of his own money fighting these pointless battles; his people are grifting their supporters.

But Roth gives away the game with the rest of his answers: Prophecies are always true… unless they’re obviously not, in which case, it doesn’t really matter. Heads, I win. Tails, you lose. If that’s how he sees it, then no one should ever take a prophecy seriously. (Someone tell the folks at Bethel.)

I doubt Roth will come to his senses, though. After all, he’s the same guy who praised Jesus TWICE for allegedly fixing his backed-up toilet earlier this year.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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