Preacher Andrew Wommack: God Had Nothing to Do With Biden Becoming President November 13, 2020

Preacher Andrew Wommack: God Had Nothing to Do With Biden Becoming President

With so many white evangelical Christians claiming over the past several years that Donald Trump was simply a product of God’s Will expressed in mysterious ways, you would think they’d be rationalizing Joe Biden‘s victory the same way.

But we all know how Christian Logic works: Trump was part of God’s Plan, but Biden is apparently thwarting it.

That’s the claim coming from preacher Andrew Wommack whose list of prophecies includes the claim that God will cure COVID-19 by turning off the virus receptors in our body, and that if you catch the virus, it’s only because you’re not really a devout Christian.

I heard a leader in the body of Christ say that God sovereignly puts in the president, and so if Biden winds up being the one, that God is the one who put him in. And man, I just hate that. I disagree with that 1000%.

And let me just give you one scripture, that if you believe the Bible, it disproves that. That’s Hosea 8:4, and it says, “And they have set up kings, but not by me. They have made princes and I knew it not.”

I mean, right there, the Lord just clearly says that I wasn’t a part of you putting this king in. I’m not the one who put that prince there. God doesn’t put people in who are gonna kill and expand the killing of babies by the millions, even babies that have been born alive. He’s not the one putting in people that are pushing the LGBTQ agenda and causing social upheaval. He’s not the one putting in people that are gonna socialize everything and radicalize it. That’s not God.

Heads, I win. Tails, you lose. That’s how Christianity works to these MAGA cultists. Everything is part of God’s Plan… unless liberals approve, in which case it’s driven by Satan… unless it’s just awkward for us in which case God is just testing us…

Just for the record, Biden isn’t killing babies. Trump, by neglecting COVID, has taken far more lives than Bizarro World Biden ever could. Wommack is a Christian liar.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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