Evangelical Pastor Spreads Election Lies: “No One is President-Elect” November 11, 2020

Evangelical Pastor Spreads Election Lies: “No One is President-Elect”

I had to double check when Pastor Tim Sheets gave this sermon to Oasis Church in Middletown, Ohio. The answer: Sunday morning, about 24 hours after Joe Biden won the election.

And yet Sheets spread lies to his congregation, telling people the media was full of “prophets of Baal” — a false God — as if they were making up their election calls. (They were not.) He also dismissed Biden’s victory and claimed (without evidence because there is none) that Democrats were committing fraud.

They have been fake news for quite a while. Why would we listen to the fake news?

Now the fact is no one is president-elect. The fact is there has not been one state certified. The fact is the votes are still being counted. And the fact is we have God on our side…

We’ve been praying for chaos and commotion and corruption to be exposed. You just saw it!

A lot of people said, “Oh, no, no. It’s not that bad. It’s not.”

Well, you just saw. They are willing to lie. They are willing to be fraudulent. They’re willing to stop an election and, in the middle of night, find thousands of votes. And the deplorables I know are not weak-kneed warriors. I run with a crowd that believes what God says is possible. May have gotten harder, but it didn’t get impossible.

Just your standard Christian sermon right there…

To be clear, while the paperwork isn’t completed for a few weeks, all of that is a formality. The counts are in. Joe Biden won. He will likely win with the same number of electoral votes that Donald Trump received in 2016 — but with a larger popular vote share and wider margins in several swing states. All the Trump lawsuits currently working through the courts won’t overturn that.

Sheets is a sore loser — and his congregation, if they’re willing to listen to him, must be even worse — who only accepts God’s Will when it perfectly aligns with the Republican Party’s wishes.

This is what white evangelical Christian has become. It’s pathetic. Any pastor willing to lie about an election should be expected to lie about God, too. No one should ever take these people seriously.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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