Christian “Prophetess” Tries to “Take Authority” Over Hurricane Laura… Twice August 27, 2020

Christian “Prophetess” Tries to “Take Authority” Over Hurricane Laura… Twice

Kat Kerr, the self-proclaimed Christian “Prophetess” who thinks Heaven is home to cows driving tractors and a city made entirely out of Jell-O, made a remarkable declaration on Saturday.

She “took authority” over Hurricanes Laura and Marco around the 14:07 mark in the video below:

She told her listeners to repeat after her:

As a child of God, I choose with my will to take authority over the weather. And I declare there will be no destruction in any way from Marco or from Laura. We are over the weather, not under the weather. Therefore, we command the pressure in both of the storms — we command the pressure in Marco and the pressure in Laura to begin to rise, rise, rise! We command the storms to be dissipated in Jesus’ name. We do not want you to grow. We do not want any destruction from you…

As it turned out, while Hurricane Marco weakened enough to be a tropical depression, Hurricane Laura has become very dangerous. The Category 4 storm (as of this writing) has been described as “catastrophic” and “unsurvivable.”

So what do you do if you’re Kat Kerr and your prophecy failed?

Simple. You do another livestream on Wednesday and… take authority again.

No apology. No “My bad.” No admission that her attempt to control the weather failed. Just prayer reinforcement.

It’s not the first time her weather-related prophecies have failed miserably. She once took credit for destroying a hurricane… even though it killed dozens of people. Years ago, when she tried to control the weather and failed, she blamed her followers for not properly joining her in her chants. And once she tried to stop a hurricane by literally hitting it with her scepter.

When will she realize the hurricanes aren’t listening to her?

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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