Christian “Satire” Site Babylon Bee Celebrates Juneteenth With Racist Article June 20, 2020

Christian “Satire” Site Babylon Bee Celebrates Juneteenth With Racist Article

The Babylon Bee, a site that wants to be The Onion for the evangelical Christian world but often lacks the satirical skills to pull it off, is now being criticized by other evangelicals for just using full-blown racism in an attempt to be humorous. The same site has also mocked LGBTQ people and feminists and AOC — that’s the whole joke, by the way. It’s the equivalent of mocking a woman by calling her a “slut.” There’s no attempt at wit. It’s just insults that appeal to the worst kinds of people.

Yesterday, the writers completely dropped the veil with a piece titled “Chick-Fil-A Now Open On Sunday But Only For Black People.” (No racist insinuations there at all…)

The article itself didn’t get any better:

… Further changes will be seen during the rest of the week as well. Dining rooms will be rearranged to provide a separate place of honor for minorities to sit. They will also be provided with separate bathrooms and drinking fountains. Chick-fil-A leadership insists that this new “separate and more equal” policy will make their restaurants bright shining beacons of racial reconciliation for the world to emulate.

“Chick-fil-A will always be a kind and welcoming place for the blacks, the Chinamen, and those people who wear that red dot on their foreheads,” Cathy said. “Just please don’t steal the sauces and we’ll be cool. Or if you want to steal the sauces, that’s ok too. We honor you.”

Did these writers go to the Eric Metaxas School of Comedy Writing…?

Christian Twitter wasn’t having it. And there are a few prominent names in the responses to this string of racist stereotypes slapped together to create a “humor” piece:

None of this should come as a surprise to people familiar with the site. This is what they do. This is who they are. But it’s worth keeping in mind if you happen to see anyone sharing their material without any knowledge of what else they promote.

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