Rick Wiles: We’ve Let “Kabbalah-Practicing Jews… Defile the Nation” December 3, 2019

Rick Wiles: We’ve Let “Kabbalah-Practicing Jews… Defile the Nation”

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles frequently spews anti-Semitic bile — just last week, he blamed a “Jew coup” for the impeachment trial against Donald Trump — but during a recent broadcast of his TruNews show, after claiming (with no evidence) that Jeffrey Epstein was an Israeli Mossad agent, he went right back to blaming Jews for our nation’s problems.

“Our leaders are low-life scum that screw little girls so the Jews can screw America,” he said. “That’s what’s happening in this country. I just said it. That’s what’s going on in our country and our FBI is corrupt, the Supreme Court is corrupt, the Justice Department is corrupt, the news media is corrupt, the whole country is corrupt because we’ve walked away from Almighty God and we’ve allowed Kabbalah-practicing Jews to defile the nation.

“Little American children [are] being raped for the benefit of Israel,” Wiles added. “American politicians [are] raping little American girls to be videotaped by Israeli Mossad so that Israel can blackmail American politicians. That’s the state of America today! God ought to destroy this country for what we’ve become.”

While it’s tempting to brush Wiles off as a no-name conspiracy theorist, keep in mind that he regularly receives press credentials from the Trump administration.

That said, that last sentence isn’t off the mark. Given what right-wing Christians have done to this country because of Democrats’ inability to win important elections and galvanize their base, we deserve whatever punishment a God would have in store for us. At least if God existed, there’s a chance He would take down bigots like Wiles in the process.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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