Paula White: I Can’t Abandon Trump Because “What Would That Say About Who I Am?” December 3, 2019

Paula White: I Can’t Abandon Trump Because “What Would That Say About Who I Am?”

Appearing on The Exceptional Conservative Show last week, Donald Trump‘s spiritual adviser and newly hired White House staffer Paula White said she doesn’t mind defending her boss despite the lies and misogyny and utter lack of morals.

In fact, she says, turning her back on Trump now would reflect poorly on her character.

As if sticking by his side will somehow be good for her future…

“It wasn’t a habit. It wasn’t a lifestyle, but all of us have parts of our life that we wish the whole world didn’t know,” White said. “When Mr. Trump was watching Christian television, a relationship developed and I became his pastor. So now, when he gets into politics — I mean, think about what this would say about my character? Because it’s not comfortable, now I am going to abandon you because it’s not convenient for me? Because people think you’re something that you’re not and they try to get you in a soundbite and you are a New York brash businessman, what, I’m going to abandon this now? What would that say about who I am?

“Who am I to judge?” didn’t work out so well for Pope Francis either, considering all the ways he’s continued to hurt LGBTQ people. In White’s case, she’s showing the world plenty about herself given how badly she craves power and who she’s willing to throw under a bus in order to be close to it. Apparently, remaining silent in all the face of all the credible allegations of sexual assault isn’t a moral quandary for her.

But we can help her out. Here’s what her partnership with Trump says about her: It says White couldn’t care less about defending the rights of her sisters. It says that no amount of boorish behavior is disqualifying for a government official as long as there’s a perfunctory “come to Jesus” moment later. It says there’s a lot of room for conservative Christians to find a fan base at the bottom of the barrel.

White has long been a hypocrite, but her allegiance to Trump, under the guise of spreading the gospel, makes it clear that no decent person should ever take her seriously. Not now. Not after Trump is out of power. Not after she inevitably apologizes for all the things she’s currently saying.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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