Christian Prayer Group Tells Obvious Impeachment Lie in Message to Participants November 14, 2019

Christian Prayer Group Tells Obvious Impeachment Lie in Message to Participants

On the eve of Wednesday’s impeachment hearings, the right-wing Christian organization Intercessors for America hit the panic button by texting followers an “urgent prayer assignment.” Even besides the prayer aspect, though, that assignment quickly went from fact to fiction.

As Right Wing Watch notes, participants who clicked through to the prayer were told that the witnesses “previously testified to the committee behind closed doors with no questions from the minority members permitted.”

That’s a lie.

The classified hearings were open to members of both parties who belong to the relevant committees. Just because many Republicans chose not to show up doesn’t mean they weren’t allowed to be there. (In fact, a transcript of one of those “closed door” hearings includes questions from a number of Republicans who were there.)

This isn’t the first time IFA has just imitated conservative talking points — or the first time conservatives have taken a cue from IFA.

IFA has vigorously promoted GOP attacks on the Mueller investigation and repeatedly portrayed the 2018 midterms as a spiritual battle. Last fall, IFA published an “Intercessory Intel Report” urging its followers to pray against “the Deep State problem.”

IFA’s four “prayer points” were copied verbatim by Trump spiritual adviser and White House staffer Paula White’s new “One Voice Prayer Movement,” which posted its own impeachment-related appeal Wednesday morning.

It’s clear the only Messiah they care about is Trump.

The question is how long they’ll be able to keep up that charade despite mountains of evidence showing his wrongdoing. Don’t hold your breath.

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