Matt Walsh: AL’s Abortion Ban Is Good Since a Baby Is Proof a Rape Occurred May 16, 2019

Matt Walsh: AL’s Abortion Ban Is Good Since a Baby Is Proof a Rape Occurred

Conservative Catholic blogger Matt Walsh, who once said elections don’t really have consequences, is now pretending that Alabama’s abortion ban isn’t going to be such a bad thing. Which is easy to say when you’re not going to get pregnant.

Making a comment literally no one was asking for, Walsh said that as 12-year-old rape victim who gets pregnant — and who, under Alabama law, would be forbidden from having an abortion — is better off under this bill… because the eventual baby would be proof she was really raped. (Just taking her word for it is apparently not an option.)

So many problems with this, but let’s start with the most obvious: 12-year-olds can’t legally consent to sex. That means a pregnant 12-year-old is herself evidence of rape. And if she did have an abortion, it’s not like the DNA of the fetus can’t be tested.

Walsh’s hypothetical scenario also falls flat in that it assumes too happy an ending for a raped, pregnant pre-teen. We live in a country where rapists get laughably light sentences for “good behavior” prior to the rape. In some cases, they can even sue for custody of the child they forcibly conceived.

So Walsh’s belief that the abuser would get appropriately punished for his crime if guilty is completely ignorant. That’s not what happens now. Why would it be the case later?

Thankfully, because Twitter is Twitter, Walsh got the roasting he richly deserved:

It won’t change his mind, but it’s a reminder that there are plenty of sensible people out there who understand the situation even if Walsh doesn’t. If they vote accordingly, we wouldn’t have to deal with this mess every time Republicans are in power.

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