A Conservative Said Elections Don’t Affect Your Life; Twitter Wasn’t Having It November 6, 2018

A Conservative Said Elections Don’t Affect Your Life; Twitter Wasn’t Having It

Conservative Catholic blogger Matt Walsh can always be counted on to say the worst possible things at any given moment, and he didn’t disappoint today, dropping this nugget of wisdom on Twitter while so many Americans were heading to the polls:

Because nothing says “I got privilege” quite like “It won’t affect me, so it can’t possibly affect you.”

Of course voting matters. Everyone who has a stake in the election — whether we’re talking about civil rights, church/state separation, or the ability to check corruption in this White House — knew exactly what was on the line. White evangelicals knew it too.

But before you lose your faith in humanity, read these glorious replies:

There’s not much more I can add to the brilliance — and sheer obviousness — of these tweets. The election may not impact Walsh’s life, but it’s clear he has little compassion for or awareness of all the people whose health and safety really are on the ballot. You’d think the Bible would tell him something about caring for others, but I guess that’s just another book he hasn’t picked up.

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