Angry Young Hate-Preacher Shares Bigoted “Facts” About “The LGBT” in Sermon April 12, 2019

Angry Young Hate-Preacher Shares Bigoted “Facts” About “The LGBT” in Sermon

Matt Powell, the budding hate-preacher who has said the government should execute gay people because the Bible says so and that women should stop dressing like whores, has some new “facts” that everyone should know about “the LGBT.” (The video was removed minutes after being uploaded, but a mirror is below.)

… You know what, I didn’t even know this about the LGBT until this morning, but them trying to push their propaganda, and push their laws, and say, “Well, you know, we should just be able to, you know, make it illegal to speak against homosexuality,” well, you know what? Come and throw me in jail, then.

Where’s the camera? You know what, LGBT? You know, if you guys are going to legalize all this — and I never do this, but, you know what? I never preach to the camera, but I think it’s appropriate this time — you know what? If you guys ever want to, you know, take and throw me in jail, you can go ahead and do that! Our movement will just get that much bigger, and everybody’s going to hear the Gospel. It would be a news story like that!

And it’s amazing to me that these people, they just want to put… Here’s the thing, though. Really, think about this. Because they say, “Oh, it’s hate speech to preach against gay marriage.” Wait a second. If a kid can’t even have their biological father and mother, isn’t that hateful? Is that not hateful that they can’t even have their own parents?

You know, I don’t want my kids to grow up in a country where homosexuals are going all over the place and pushing their propaganda and constantly taking and kissing… You know, I don’t want my boys to have to see two sodomites kissing each other.

You know what? I think it should be illegal. It’s offensive. It’s disgusting. The Bible… the Bible… You know what? Leviticus 20:13. It’s amazing, that never gets preached, but the Bible is serious about these things. The Bible even put a death penalty on it in the Old Testament. That’s how serious God treated it. You know what. And I treat it just as serious. It’s amazing, the media will never tell you that, you know, that the founder of the LGBT community, Harry Hay — it’s just a creepy name to begin with, Harry Hay, you know like Harry off of Home Alone, you know? A crook? Harry Hay — you know, his idea of starting the LGBTQ. Did you know he’s also the founder of NAMBLA, the man boy love association? You know, the media will never cover that. They’ll never talk about that. They don’t wanna talk about NAMBLA and the fact that the leader of their community…

At every single time that they would do a march, when their community started, every single march, NAMBLA, they’d try to incorporate NAMBLA into the march. And now, if you think I’m crazy folks, if you think Matt Powelll is just so far out there, why don’t you look at their own sign?! Their newest sign says “Love is age blind.” And it shows a kid with a bunch of adults. What does that tell you? They’re trying to recruit the children. And you know what? If they ever legalized pedophilia in this country, you know, they may have been able to legalize homosexuality, but you know what? If they ever legalized pedophilia in this country, there will be a civil war.

1) No one is trying to criminalize sermons. Powell would love to be a martyr, but he has no clue what the other side is even criticizing.

2) It’s not a news story for a Christian pastor to preach hate. It would be news if a pastor was thrown in jail for preaching his bigoted opinions, but that’s happened a grand total of never times.

3) Powell inadvertently just said it’s hateful for kids to be adopted since they wouldn’t be with their biological parents.

4) Powell says he doesn’t want to grow up in a world where two gay men kiss each other. Then he is free to live in his Christian bubble… where that sort of thing only ever occurs at Bible camp. (Buddy. No one wants to see you kiss a woman, either.)

5) No one “founded” the “LGBT community.” And no LGBTQ groups advocate pedophilia. He must be confusing them with the Catholic Church.

6) The pro-pedophilia “sign” he talks about simply doesn’t exist. There’s a fake version of it online that includes the URL for an LGBTQ group’s website, but that group doesn’t promote pedophilia. So Powell is using a faked picture linked falsely to a single group to claim all LGBTQ people are somehow pedophiles. That level of research would normally cause a child to repeat fourth grade, but it makes this guy a pastor.

If all of this strikes you as an ignorant man-child spewing hate because that’s what the Bible teaches him… well, yes. You’re right. But what else would you expect from a guy who thinks all atheists are Coke-drinking video game addicts?

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