Creationist Kent Hovind Now Says Oranges Are Proof That Evolution is False December 1, 2018

Creationist Kent Hovind Now Says Oranges Are Proof That Evolution is False

Creationist Kent Hovind has been on a tear lately attempting to explain why things like broccoli and celery and grapes and lettuce disprove evolution because they are too complicated to have evolved without God’s help. (I guess bananas were taken.)

His latest example of Darwinian Kryptonite?


You think all those oranges, and those trees that are producing it, and the dirt that’s holding it all came from a dot of nothing that exploded 13.7 billion years ago? Whodathunkit. That’s a new word I made up.

How many trillions of intermediate steps would there have to be to go from a dot of nothing to an orange tree, and where is the evidence? Is there any scientific evidence for all these supposed changes you guys talk about?… Could it be more logical to believe, maybe, the orange tree was created by a really smart Creator?… That’s the most logical conclusion.

If you Google the topic, this article on the evolution of oranges is literally the first link to come up. We actually know quite a bit about the citrus family history.

Not that Creationists like Hovind want to hear any of that. They think their ignorance is enough proof for everyone. He’d rather make videos arguing that God Did It applies to food as well as people.

Maybe one day, Hovind will get his science education from a biology textbook instead of a trip to the grocery store.

(Large portions of this article were published earlier)

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