Poll: 66% of Canadians Accept Evolution While 21% Are Young Earth Creationists December 1, 2018

Poll: 66% of Canadians Accept Evolution While 21% Are Young Earth Creationists

Not that you need it, but here’s another reason Canada is so much better than we are: Only 21% of Canadians think we were poofed into existence by God sometime in the past 10,000 years. Compare that to the astonishing 38% of people in the United States who say the same thing.

The poll from Research Co. also found that two thirds of Canadians accepted the reality that we evolved over the course of millions of years.

Still, there are parts of the country where ignorance thrives:

In Manitoba and Saskatchewan, 41% of residents believe in creationism — a significantly higher number than in all other provinces. Quebec has the smallest proportion of respondents who identify with creationism (10%).

“Age appears to play a role in shaping the perceptions of Canadians on the origin of life,” says Mario Canseco, President of Research Co. “While half of those aged 18-to-34 (50%) definitely concur with evolution, the proportion drops among those aged 35-to-54 (45%) and those aged 55 and over (26%).”

The future looks bright(er).

Incidentally, a different survey on the same topic last year found that only 15% of Canadians were Creationists. I don’t think the number’s gone up for any reason; it’s likely just a difference in methodologies.

(via the National Center for Science Education. Image via Shutterstock)

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