This Pastor Thinks He Disproved Evolution Because It’s Too Hard to Comprehend November 26, 2017

This Pastor Thinks He Disproved Evolution Because It’s Too Hard to Comprehend

Pastor Gene Kim, an independent fundamentalist Baptist preacher at San Jose Bible Baptist Church, says evolution is silly because his warped understanding of it doesn’t make any sense. And to prove it, he has a diagram full of known fairytales and what he believes science says to be true.


For example, we’ve all heard the story of how a princess kissed a frog and he became a man. Totally fictional. But how is that any different, Kim asks, from an animal stretching its neck and becoming a giraffe?

What are you going to believe? That God poofed everything into existence or that “time” and “chance” led to the evolution of different species?

(That’s not just rhetorical. That’s seriously his argument for why God poofed everything into existence.)

After going through his ignorant rant, he gives those of us who accept science his grand summary:

… you make fun of us that Jonah got swallowed by a whale, but we make fun of you that some animal moved its nose all the way to the back of its head because some “time” and “chance.”

It’s more easier to believe in something supernatural, see, would create something fantastical in the end. So that’s why Christians have the much more easier faith. It’s more easier to believe in our kind of fantastical stories compared to your version of fantastical stories, because of “time” and “chance” happenings.

Well, at least he admits Christians don’t have to think very hard.

It’s true: Believing God made us is simpler. But the evidence doesn’t point in that direction, which is why that option needs to be tossed out immediately. Kim’s argument that time and chance aren’t enough is the sort of thing you always hear from people who have no clue how much time actually passes for species to form, and how chance isn’t really “random” but rather the accumulation of favorable mutations.

In other words, he doesn’t understand evolution, therefore he feels confident enough to dismiss it. It’s too hard for his brain to process, therefore the first sentences of Genesis must be true.

This, from the same guy who believes the Earth is hollow and Hell exists in its core.

It’s be far more entertaining if guys like him didn’t have so much influence over children.

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