James Dobson: Roy Moore Is a “Man of Proven Character and Integrity” November 26, 2017

James Dobson: Roy Moore Is a “Man of Proven Character and Integrity”

Would a decent Christian really support a Senate candidate who’s an accused pedophile over one who prosecuted the KKK in court? Even when both men are Christians?

We all know the answer to this by now. The more conservative they are, the more they advertise their evangelical credentials, the more likely they are to throw “family values” out the window if it means electing another Republican.

James Dobson, the gay-hating bigot who founded Focus on the Family, recently taped an ad for accused child molester Roy Moore, someone he claims is a “man of proven character and integrity.”


Moore’s victims may disagree with that assessment, but they’re women, so Dobson doesn’t really give a damn what they have to say, does he?

… I’m asking my friends in Alabama to elect Judge Roy Moore to the United States Senate. Judge Moore is a man of proven character and integrity, and he has served Alabama and this country very, very well. I’ve known him for over 15 years, but recently I’ve been dismayed and troubled about the way he and his wife Kayla have been personally attacked by the Washington establishment. Judge Moore has stood for our religious liberty and for the sanctity of marriage, when it seemed like the entire world was against him. I hope you’ll vote for Judge Roy Moore for United States Senate.

“Personally attacked.” As if multiple victims sharing their stories with reporters who actually listened to them, for once, is an example of Washington trying to keep Moore down.

Fred Clark at Slacktivist notes that all of this is par for the course for Dobson, someone whose name is synonymous with virtually everything you hate about the Christian Right. He also points out that Dobson has a habit of picking the wrong horse and scaring old white Christians into thinking the sky will fall if his preferred candidate isn’t elected. For example, Dobson wrote an infamous letter just before the 2008 election warning Christians about what would happen if Barack Obama became president. Dobson got just about every one of his 34 “predictions” wrong because Obama wasn’t out to persecute Christians after all! (Who knew? Besides all of us.)

Dobson has never apologized to his followers for assuring them of the certainty of 34 consequences of an Obama presidency before seeing none of those consequences occur. Nor has Dobson ever explained why or how he was so completely wrong about so many things. Nor has he ever admitted he was wrong about any of those things. In fact, he has spent most of the last decade pretending as if all of his dire predictions really had come to pass — that churches are being padlocked, senior citizens are being euthanized, the government is confiscating everyone’s guns, Christian schools have been outlawed, gas costs $7 a gallon, etc. James Dobson has not been an honest man for a very, very long time. Not even close.

Roy Moore is still supported by the worst kind of Christians, the ones who take the “R” after a candidate’s name more seriously than the way he lives his life, and then pass it off as if Moore is a better Christian than his Christian opponent.

We sometimes joke about Christians living in a bubble. Which, in my head, looks like a dome they put around themselves to insulate their minds from outside influence. But the truth is they’ve also dug their own graves. So it’s not just a bubble. It’s a full sphere of ignorance. The only way it’ll contract fast enough is if younger Christians distance themselves from people like Dobson as soon as possible, take the ethical path moving forward, and vote for the Christian who hasn’t been kicked out of a local mall for being too damn creepy.

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