South Carolina Legislators Propose Bill to Put “In God We Trust” Sign in Every Public School February 23, 2016

South Carolina Legislators Propose Bill to Put “In God We Trust” Sign in Every Public School

A new bill currently in South Carolina’s House Committee on Education and Public Works, H. 4395, would force public schools to post the phrase “In God We Trust” in their lobbies. As if police cars, city council meeting spaces, and courtrooms weren’t enough.


“I think it represents good values. As a Christian woman, I have no problem with that at all,” said Laura Purdy, a mom of two high school students.

Of course she has no problem with it. It’s her God they’re talking about.

Make no mistake: This is just another excuse to ram religion into the public schools, using the Motto Loophole that conservative Christians have been exploiting to no end over the past few years.

You won’t see those Christian groups trying to get the original (unofficial) motto “E pluribus unum” in the schools. You won’t see them urging politicians to pass legislation to improve the schools in any meaningful way. But a symbolic gesture that promotes their Christian faith? Sure, why not.

There’s no good reason to pass this bill. There’s also no good reason to think that the legislature will do the right thing and vote it down.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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