Islamic Lecturer Hamza Tzortzis Explains Why His Data Was Found in the Ashley Madison Hack August 23, 2015

Islamic Lecturer Hamza Tzortzis Explains Why His Data Was Found in the Ashley Madison Hack

This is Hamza Tzortzis, a Muslim apologist and lecturer for the Islamic Education and Research Academy:

He once had a videotaped run-in with Richard Dawkins and attempted to rebut The God Delusion. A couple of years ago, he was also debating Lawrence Krauss on whether atheism or Islam made more sense, but the event took a weird turn when it turned out the men in the audience were separated from the women, a condition Krauss refused to accept.

It’s not the first time Tzortzis has demeaned women in some way. Here’s video of him saying that a beautiful woman in an advertisement is probably “fat” and “ugly” in real life:

Here’s Tzortzis saying that, for some American woman, “having an abortion is like eating an ice cream”:

Here’s Tzortzis explaining when it’s acceptable to rape a 9-year-old child:

And here’s Tzortzis explaining how his name, address, birth date, and credit card number — all of which were found linked together in the Ashley Madison data hack — don’t implicate him at all, because identity theft. (Yeah, that’s the ticket…)

Important announcement: It has come to my attention that my details are on the Ashley Madison data leak. This includes my name, address, and bank card details.

This is an obvious case of fraud. My email address (this website doesn’t verify emails, and all the relevant emails went to junk) can be found online and so can my address, as it is linked to my business account, which is registered online. My date of birth is known from either previous lectures or Facebook. These types of online attacks are not uncommon, for example in the past year there have been multiple attempts to access my emails.

The first transaction took place last October after my trip to Hajj (pilgrimage). There have been subsequent transactions every month, not under the named site but a discrete label, which I believe is normal for such websites. I don’t check my bank statements because I have paperless statements, and it is something I haven’t made into a habit.

This is a serious matter of fraud or malice for which the bank and police have been informed. They will now pursue the matter further as a formal crime. I am not ruling anything out at the moment, including the possibility of my phone being illegally hacked. Retrospectively speaking, it has shown signs of being hacked.

It seems that the first transaction was made in Australia when I was there for lectures and courses. It could have been someone who knows me, someone who hates me, or a malicious person who found out who I was. It could be one person or two, they could be working locally, from abroad or both. At the moment I have no idea. But it is clear that they probably didn’t complete what they intended to do, as the data so far indicates that there was not much activity and/or dialogue that would have led to a meeting (although I’m getting a few people to go through the data, they haven’t given me the full details yet, so this is speculative).

My whereabouts and activities, both private and public are traceable and recorded, and there is without any doubt that I have not pursued such immoral acts that the site promotes (this includes permissible acts, for instance the endeavour to find another halal wife [who can also be a non-Muslim] who wanted to be with a married man, which is allowed in Islam). My face is recorded when I enter and leave work, and the gym (the main places I go to). My social and professional meetings are public, and with people that can honestly confirm my presence.

I’m trying to find answers to why someone would do this, and what they intended, as they seemed to have profiled me well and attempted to not be explicit about my identity. This was done maybe to expose me in the future by showing signs that I was deliberate discrete, who knows. Additionally, they obviously did not predict the leak.

Unfortunately, some people will have a field day. This is not my concern at all, there’s already a lot of slander and hate online about me. I have my suspicions and unanswered questions too. However, and most importantly, my concern is now with my family and their privacy. I would appreciate that you all respect that.

Thank you. May God bless you all and shower you all with His guidance, mercy and love.

That post has since been deleted. But not before a lot of screenshots were taken.

To recap:

  • Someone stole his identity.
  • The first transaction took place in Australia, when he just so happened to be there.
  • He failed to noticed that money was taken from his bank account every month since October.
  • He informed the bank and police (which means there should be a fraud report available).
  • Oh, and by the way, the Qur’an is totally cool with a guy who tries to “find another halal wife [who can also be a non-Muslim] who wanted to be with a married man…”
  • And all of this happened before anyone knew the site’s data would be publicized. Which means if someone was really out to get him, as he claims, that person would also have had to orchestrate the entire hack…

But we should ignore all of that because, again, identity theft!

Not everyone is buying his excuses:

I’m looking forward to that fraud report.

(via Breitbart, which, at least in this case, seems to be accurate. Thanks to Imtiaz Shams for the screenshots and information)

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