Foo Fighters Counter Westboro Baptist Church Protest with Rick Astley Dance Party August 23, 2015

Foo Fighters Counter Westboro Baptist Church Protest with Rick Astley Dance Party

If you’re the Foo Fighters and you’re playing in Kansas City, you can bet the Westboro Baptist Church will make an appearance. (All publicity is good publicity for the WBC.)

But the band refused to let the anti-gay hate group steal their thunder. They drove in on a pick-up truck playing Rick Astley‘s “Never Gonna Give You Up,” turning whatever attention the Christian extremists were getting into a giant dance party.

Somehow, the WBC took the whole thing in stride, later tweeting, “Did @FooFighters just #rickroll us? Oh well!”

Quick question: Is it really a “rickroll” if no one was tricked into clicking anything?

Forget that. The WBC was #DaveGrohl’ed.

It’s not the first time the Foo Fighters have countered the anti-gay group. In 2011, they set up shop near the protest and sang “Keep It Clean (Hot Buns),” a song with the lyrics “Think I’m in the mood for some hot-man muffins.”

In case you’re wondering, the actual concert last night went smoothly. Grohl even talked about the counter-protest on stage:

We [were] sitting backstage and someone said, “Guess who’s coming tonight?”

And I said, “Who?”

And they said, “Them.”

And I said “Why?”

And they said, “Cuz.”

And I said, “Cool. Let’s go out and hang out with them a little.”

To quote one YouTube commenter, “There goes my heroes, watch them as they troll!”

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