According to This Christian Scientist, Your Thoughts Can Alter Your DNA for Generations to Come January 15, 2015

According to This Christian Scientist, Your Thoughts Can Alter Your DNA for Generations to Come

When I’m looking for some scientific programming on television, I turn to Believer’s Voice of Victory to see what Kenneth and Gloria Copeland can teach me.

Their recent episode featuring Dr. Caroline Leaf lived up to all my expectations.

Just listen to the 12:16 mark below where Leaf explains how your thoughts can alter your DNA:

whatever reaction we have changes the DNA and the DNA then expresses and it builds either that which is what our bodies are wired for, so whether you’re Born Again or not, your body’s wired for love because that’s the design that God has made, and if we make a wrong choice, we build that.

… it’s affecting the future generations as well because the thoughts from your father, your grandfather, your great-grandfather… and your mother has come through the sperm and the ova. So whatever thoughts we have as we go through life that we build into our heads basically passes through the sperm and the ova to the next four generations, the next four generations, the next four–

[Kenneth Copeland: Well, yeah, it’s affecting the cells]

It’s affecting the cells. It actually gets captured inside. Exactly… 75-100 trillion cells in our body are impacted by every single thought that we think. So it’s captured as a physical thing, it’s passed through the generations

I’ll stop here to let your minds digest that. Apparently, in the world of Jesus-based science, what you think can alter your DNA for generations to come. (And you thought radiation was dangerous!)

Clearly, the solution is to just stop thinking.

Which is what everyone on this show seems to have done.

Oh, Dr. Leaf wasn’t done yet. Just after the 20:00 mark, she explains what our thoughts are made of:

… we are speaking from physical thoughts made of proteins and all kinds of chemical structures inside of our brain that look like trees.

… we’re not bound by the sins of our fathers, We call that epigenetics. It’s actually called the science of epigenetics. Epi — over and above the genes — the fact that our mind controls genetic expression

I don’t have a Ph.D. like Leaf does. I’m no expert in epigenetics. But I’ll go out on a limb and say that she has no idea what the fuck she’s talking about.

No one show her what laminin looks like or we’ll never stop hearing the end of it.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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