This is What a Christian Revival Looks Like When People Don’t Know How to Play Along July 5, 2014

This is What a Christian Revival Looks Like When People Don’t Know How to Play Along

You’ve seen those clips of preacher/scam artist Benny Hinn touching gullible people on the forehead, sometimes forcefully, so they fall over backwards. This, apparently, heals their wounds and releases the demons within:

It’s even better when he uses a magical jacket to heal many at once:

The whole time, these adults go along with it like it’s the most normal thing in the world. What’s worse is how many of them really believe that it works! (No before/after medical records are ever released. Meanwhile, Benny has a jet.)

But at least they’re adults.

It’s really disturbing to watch when we’re talking about children being treated the same way:

In a video clip that only recently came to my attention, check out these adults trying to “save” a group of children during a Christian revival — children who haven’t yet been indoctrinated into the mind game:

So many of the kids have this look on their faces like, “What? You touched my head, so I’m supposed to fall backwards now? Okay, I guess, if that’s what everyone’s doing. I’ll play along.”

The best part — you have to watch it — comes at the 1:22 mark. There’s a little girl who simply refuses to play the game. She ain’t fallin’ backwards for nobody. The preachers spend a good 20 seconds on her before moving along to someone more impressionable.

I’m just appalled by how brainwashed their parents must be to let them participate in this sort of nonsense. You can see the full revival video here.

(Thanks to Bo for the link)

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